Celebrity Fit Club 7, ep. 7: See spot run


Bobby says he was able to pull off his shirt during shows in London and Amsterdam. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Even in Amsterdam.

Shar was in the hospital for dehydration. She’s on the sidelines this week. Jay, Bobby and Nicole say they’ve talked and moved past last week’s drama. (Bad news for this week’s ep.)


Fit Club Marathon. They have to run over rough terrain for one hour. The show will compare the team’s average distances to declare a winner. Sebastian’s a machine, running up and down, speedin all over. Jay reasons that if he and Nicole can stay ahead of Kevin and Kaycee, then Tanisha will cancel out Sebastian and Red can win. Sebastian’s shirt is off now. Not pretty. Tanisha sees a hill and starts crying. Haha, right after the hour is up, Kevin lights up.

Nicole ran 5.4 miles. Jay did 5.3. Bobby 3.7. Red Team 4.8 mile average. Sebastian kicked ass with 5.6. Kaycee 4.2. Kevin 3.9. Tanisha 2.8. That’s a 4.1 mile average. Red wins. Special prize? A Wii Fit Plus. Tanisha volunteers for deadweight duty. She has to shovel horse crap into a wheelbarrow.


It’s game night! By that I mean it’s a giant commercial for the Nintendo Wii.


It’s a ‘mind over matter because self-esteem is good’ session. Rhonda has gathered bad ‘press’ of our Fit Clubbers from the intertubes. They have to read them, “then we’ll work through it.” If you’re one of the few remaining human beings who don’t yet know how worthless life coaches are, then you’re probably a life coach. Please throw yourself off a cliff.

Sebastian says that years ago he learned no to Google his own name. His bad ‘press’ is someone who no longer thinks he’s hot. “I was 19 once. I’m 41 now. It’s going to happen to you too,” he laughs. Most of them take it in stride except for Shar. You knew that already so let’s move on. Next, Rhonda had the world’s worst graphic designers mock up the world’s worst magazine covers so the Fit Clubbers can write their own headlines…of themselves. So the lesson is…be a self-centered bastard? Seriously, if you’re a life coach, stop.

The headlines? Jay writes “Stud!” Shar: “Always Awesome.” Have any of these people read magazines? What kind of headlines are these? Fit Gits Lose Wits. That’s a headline.

Physical Training.

Female triathlete with one leg leads this one. They bike and run uphill. Tanisha beats Bobby who rolls up in an SUV. “I got a charlie horse in my knee.” Harvey laughs at him.

Rhonda has a one-on-one with Kevin. She basically takes him to task about not letting Shar have any closure.


Jay. 227 lbs. -4 lbs. Has already surpassed his goal for the season.

Kevin. 210 lbs. -2 lbs.

Nicole. 122 lbs. -5 lbs. Used last week’s confrontation with Dr. Ian as motivation.

Kaycee. 178 lbs. -2 lbs. Does she realize that her only chance to work in Hollywood is as the fat friend? I’m being completely serious.

Shar. 133 lbs. -1 lbs.

Sebastian. 209 lbs. -1 lbs. He’s hit a plateau. Asked if he’s disappointed in his team for losing the marathon, he says smoking took out his team. “But he who…lives in a glass house better not throw a brick…at Kevin’s house.” Even Sebastian doesn’t know what he’s saying and they all have a good laugh.

Bobby. 189lbs. -2 lbs.

Tanisha. 223 lbs. -5 lbs. Finally. Now she’s only slightly less than half fat.

Red Team leads. Kevin is back in the individual lead.

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    1. I’ll bet if that Rhonda had kids, they’d get beat up a lot for being obnoxious vapid snots.


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