March 2005 archive

March 4
The Encounter, part 2 – Prelude to a threesome?

March 7
Double dose of Quite Frankly
Three’s a crowd – whoa, a threeway? in the workplace? That’s some workplace. How’s their dental plan?

Bachelor poison – a certain gay isn’t ready for a serious relationship.

War on the Floor I, part 2 – Teams pick sides. G.I. Joe vs. Transformers.

March 14
WotF I, part 3 – Grimlock, Jetfire, Destro…all in one place? Can that get any awesomer?

For some reason I found it necessary to remark:
Cheney returns to Temple to coach NIT
That’s fair. It’s not like he asked one of his players to attack an opposing player. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what he did.

March 16
More unnecessary commentary about the NHL strike:
Boredom Alert
NHL owners are now experimenting with the color of the ice. NHL fans: “How ’bout you experiment with starting the season?” Non-fans: “What’s the NHL?”

March 20
WotF I, part 4 – the conclusion. Vomiting Grimlock. This is but one reason we are the #1 source for vomiting robot dinosaurs.

Double does of Quite Frankly
Stalker bait – What if you have a stalker? What if she’s really, really hot?

Ex-Valentine – Valentine’s is not a holiday for ex-lovers.

March 29
Blogging Tips – Holy crap. I’ve actually posted something on my site that contributes to the betterment of humankind. Of course, we’re talking about blogging tips.

Unlike the rest of the world, I am proud not to have blogged about the Terry Schiavo hearings. Proud, I say.

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