June 2005 archive

June 1
double dose of Quite Frankly
Sex Parties – as you might imagine, a lot of people find this page from search engines for all the wrong reasons.

Bartender lust – Frank demoralizes all of us who at one time or another have felt the cruel, bittersweet pangs of bartender lust.

June 3
Buttons and banners – Finally a page for all kinds of site-related buttons and banners. I hated having to do a non-black page.

June 5
American Idolatry – Bo Bice smells a little.

June 7
Double dose of Quite Frankly
Adultery Alert – Frank raises the Adultery Alert to “turgid purple.”

Best Miserable Friend – We’ve got a Best Friend Index sinking faster than the Yankees.

June 20
Mocking my childhood – Richard Wagner, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Roger Staubach and why men should not be allowed to name children.

June 22
Blog Checklist – few bloggers follow this anyway.

June 25
Ram Turbo Danger – The Dreadnok Thunder Machine vehicle from G.I. Joe.


    1. ''RAVEN'' says:

      ”1986 COBRA NIGHT RAVEN S3P BLACK V.I.P.JET TRANSPORT PLANE…#1 in my opinion, 3 Feet long,glossy black finish,and the personal vwhicle for the head snake himself,Cobra Commander”.

    We value your worthless opinion: