May 2005 archive

May 10
Twofer Tuesday
Bloggination must be stopped.

I helped someone – I actually gave aid and comfort to another human being. You can also measure levels of cool on the Spiff-o-meter.

May 11
Twofer Weds–Threefer Wednesday…double dose of Quite Frankly
Phone numbers – The dating game. Phone numbers. Emails. etc.

Poor Me – Dating. Going Dutch.

The eyeman cometh – Part 1. Costco, eye care and cell phones.

May 15
Destroy my site
The Martians are on to us, man. Hide the children. Click to witness the massive destructive power of our Martian overlords. Clearly, they do not appreciate the hilarity that regularly ensues on this site.

May 16
Eyeman, part 2 – conclusion.

May 17
I added Mediarama and Toyville sections. (Later, Toyville would be renamed Mediarama while Mediarama would be renamed Matinee Idle.) I also added the:
Search bar (now you can find archived material faster, like “vomiting Grimlock”).
Now, of course, that search bar is moot.

May 19
McFarlane NASCAR figures – The great and infallible Todd McFarlane finally makes a lame action figure.
Rampart – the simpleminded joy of an arcade classic.

May 23
Star Wars Cereal – self-explanatory.

E3 and Vegas – Part 1 of my being left for dead in Vegas.

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