Rising Malevolence – Clone Wars episode 1.02

Blue nugget.

“Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.” George Lucas likes the blind ultra-radical belief? Okay, that’s a rog.

Rising Malevolence.

Several Republic warships have been lost, intones the Narrator (who really needs to be replaced by someone less annoying). Plo Koon has to stop the new Separatist menace: The Malevolence. Ooh, he seems to have found them in the first scene so this could be a short episode. Hey, General Grievous and Count Dooku are aboard. Great. Let’s finish off this war and get to the show we all want to see: The Amazing Adventures of Boba Fett.

Plo Koon, whose name is dangerous if you accidentally transpose the first letters as you type, messages Anakin for reinforcements. Wow. Anakin has his own fleet already? And he still wants to go to the Dark Side? Greedy, bro.

Grievous fires an ion cannon at Plo Koon’s three ships. It knocks out their shields. Some pods escape, but the Malevolence destroys the Star Destroyers. Dooku orders hunters to destroy all remaining survivors. Time to bake more clones in the Kamino Easy-bake Oven.

The Jedi Council tells Anakin to sit tight instead of taking unnecessary risks for a rescue mission. Ahsoka objects. Anakin corrects her in front of the council, but takes her out to look for survivors afterwards. “Lying is good,” Anakin explains. “The way you objected to Council orders was dumb. The way I circumvented them was totally awesome.” Dick.

Plo Koon and a handful of clones manage to repair their escape pod in time to see another get attacked by droids. The pod is cut open and the crew are shot into space screaming. In space, no one can hear you scream…except in Star Wars. In a final affront to science, Plo Koon goes outside the pod because he can “withstand the pressure” for brief periods of time. He kills the droids’ hunter ship.

Anakin is ordered back, but Ahsoka sense Plo (he brought her to the Jedi Temple long ao). They rescue Plo, but Grievous’ ship is close. They shut down all power including R2D2, but they forget the medical droid. The Malevolence’s scanners pick them up and Grievous moves to attack. Our heroes turn the power back on and hyperspace outta there…and they couldn’t do this before why?

The lesson learned is: disobey orders at all costs and definitely lie. Thanks for tuning in kids.

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