Duel of the Droids – Clone Wars episode 1.07

Blue Fun-Tac.

“You hold onto friends by keeping your heart a little softer than your head.” Your friends are softer than keeping your heart on your head. Got it.

Duel of the Droids.

Aboard the Trandoshan ship, R2 sends out a signal. Anakin hears it and changes course. Ahsoka: “Master, we’re supposed to find the Separatist listening post.” “Maybe he’s on the listening post. You ever consider that?” Dude, just because you’re accidentally right doesn’t mean you can continue to be such a jackass. God I hate this guy.

The Trandoshan delivers the droid to Grievous at the listening post. Kenobi tells Anakin to sneak about and destroy the listening post.

Anakin, Ahsoka and the clones skydive to the Separatist station. I’m not kidding. It may as well be a Mountain Dew commercial.

Proof I do more than just complain about this show: a droid gripes about a servo issue. His droid buddy recommends getting a head adjustment–spa treatment for droids. Just then a clone reaches out and rips the complainer’s head off. Good stuff.

Grievous wants the info inside R2. The Trandoshan has R2 in pieces. This is equivalent to dismantling my computer and pulling out the graphics card in order to access an old Word doc. It’s stupid. Anyway, he finds R2s memory. He and Grievous realize they’ve struck gold. The Trandoshan asks for more money. Grievous kills him. The Trandoshan did a good job. He will be a valuable asset. Who knows when Grievous might need him again. So he kills him. Just stupid.

Meanwhile, R3 contacts Grievous and reveals he is a traitor. Grievous confronts Ahsoka and the squad of clones (Anakin has split up like a Scooby Doo cartoon). Grievous vs. Ahsoka. Kill her please. R3 continues to sabotage her. Meanwhile, Anakin is fighting droids to rescue R2. The two remaining clones are setting charges to blow up the station.

Anakin, R2 and the clones all meet in the landing bay, but R3 locks them in. Droids arrive and a firefight ensues. One clone (Rex) has “a bad feeling about this.” Maybe he’s also “getting too old for this shit.”

Grievous has Ahsoka by the throat and takes her lightsaber. Anakin orders the explosives detonated. Ahsoka uses the impact to twist Grievous’ arm to cut his hand off. She escapes, then Grievous gets on his ship and flees. As a general of the Separatist armies, he is very, very good at getting on his ship and fleeing.

R2 meets R3 and kills him. Ahsoka rejoins the group and they knock out the rest of the droids. They win. Kenobi admonishes Anakin: “One of these days…bang, zoom!”

Anakin tells us, “R2 is more than a droid. He’s a friend.” And C3P0? “Who? Oh, yeah. I dunno. I got tired of him. R2’s cooler.” Dick.

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