Rookies – Clone Wars episode 1.05


“The best confidence builder is experience.” In bed. See? That adding ‘in bed’ to everything game works here too.


Clones are being sent to the lines before their training is complete. At some Outer Rim post, a bunch of rookie clones gripe about boredom. Oh how ironic it would be if boredom were the exact opposite of what they would experience this episode! Oh ho!

Anakin has been staying up past his bedtime looking for Grievous. Kenobi tells him to turn off the nightlight and get some rest. Cody holograms in a status report. “Good man, that Cody,” Kenobi says. “Strong. Muscular. Tight buttocks.”

A meteor shower hits the outpost. It’s cover for a droid sneak attack. These droids are more competent than the one’s we’ve seen so far. They enter the outpost, kill the sergeant and take over. The four rookie clones escape through a ventilation shaft. Somehow, this remote outpost is key to protecting Kamino, where the clones are made. That’s Grievous’ real target. Naturally, being such a key outpost, it is guarded by one sergeant and four rookies. Naturally.

The rookies make it outside–perhaps we should name these four–when one of them is swallowed whole by a giant land eel. Perhaps we should name these three? Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Meanwhile, Cody and Rex arrive for an inspection. One of the bots puts on clone armor and tries to fool them but Rex shoots him in the head. They’re attacked by the rest of the commando droids and have to leap off the landing platform. They meet up with Shaft, Mouse and Grant. Together they storm the outpost and take over. Grievous sends normal, incompetent droids as reinforcements. The clones decide to blow up the outpost to disrupt the bots’ override of the ‘all clear’ signal. If they succeed, then Kamino will be alerted of the danger. The detonator isn’t working, so Buttercup stays behind to detonate it manually.

And the day is saved thanks to…the Powerpuff Girls.

The number of firefights that occur in the open without cover: 1.

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