Cloak of Darkness – Clone Wars season 1.09


“Ignore your instincts at your peril.” Mine told me to stay away from this show.

Cloak of Darkness.

Ahsoka and Luminara (she of the bad headdress) arrive to escort Nute Gunray to Republic prison. Dooku sends Asajj Ventress (she of the baldness) to rescue or kill Gunray.

Super Battle Droids board the Star Destroyer. They clear a path before Ventress slips aboard. She places charges throughout the ship.

Ventress vs. Ahsoka. The Hairless Harpie vs. Skywalker’s filthy obnoxious little pet.

Luminara comes to the rescue, but Ventress’ charges disrupt everything. Ventress escapes. Gunray is still in custory. Luminara faces Ventress alone. Ahsoka goes to help and saves Luminara’s life.

It turns out one of the Senate guards (the captain) is on Dooku’s payroll and frees Gunray. Cody (or Rex, I confuse the two) fights the captain and wins, but as he gloats, Gunray knocks him unconscious (which I gotta admit was awesome).

Ventress flees and rejoins Gunray and the captain on the getaway ship. She kills the captain to save Dooku a few bucks.

The lightsaber duels are great. Fun ep all around.

The number of firefights that occur in the open without cover: 2.

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