Lair of Grievous – Clone Wars season 1.10

Blue fulfillment.

“Most powerful is he who controls his own power.”

Lair of Grievous.

Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb, his old Calamari padawan, have tracked down Nute Gunray. Their voices are horrible. Fisto is a tool. Nahdar is a wuss. The two and a squad of clones enter some building. They kill Gunray’s droid guards, but Gunray is just a hologram because…

It's a trap!

It's a trap!

It’s a trap.

They search more rooms and discover they’re in the lair of General Grievous. Grievous is en route. Dooku holograms that the stalemate in the war is unacceptable.

“Are we the bait or is Grievous the bait?” asks Nahdar, the Mon Calamarian. Dude, softball. You are clearly bait-shaped.

Grievous lands. The Jedi surround him and they fight. The clones attach cables to his legs (what is it with this universe and its penchant for cables? Are they gonna take him down like an AT-AT?) Kit cuts off Grievous’ legs, but the guy scuttles off like a crab with his four remaining limbs.

Grievous calls for his doctor who I think was one of Jack’s dates on an episode of Will and Grace. He sounds like Paul Lynde. Grievous sends out bodyguards. They destroy the clone transport, but Kit’s droid pilots his craft to safety. He’s got “a bad feeling about this.” I will run out of numbers if I keep track of every time someone says this.

Grievous sends his own version of a Rancor after the Jedi. It’s dumb. “Let’s make a dinosaur.” “With armor.” “No, with armor and metal horns.” “Yeah! Super cool!” The Jedi brutally dismember it, but the last of the clone troopers is killed. Nahdar talks about revenge and you start to think that none of the Jedi are able to keep their apprentices away from the Dark Side.

Paul Lynde fixes Grievous. The general is sad that his super cool dinopet is dead. Dooku holograms that he has planned this test for Grievous. The Jedi sneak into the control room, but Nahdar stupidly stays to fight Grievous alone. And dies.

Kit Fisto escapes to die another day.

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