Death Trap – Clone Wars season 2.20

Blue Fett.

“Who my father was matters less than my memory of him.” …like when I picked up his helmet and his severed head plopped out. That was a pretty vivid memory of him.

Death Trap.

Mace Windu and Anakin are rendezvousing with a frigate. There is a youth clone training program, and a young, snot-nosed looking Boba Fett has infiltrated the group. Not sure why 11-year-olds are training on an active-duty Star Destroyer, but I only have to murmur “there’s sound in LucasSpace” to restore my suspension of dis-frickin-belief. The cadets have target practice using the Destroyer’s AA guns on a metal skeet. Boba Fett is the only one to hit anything.

Afterwards, he slips away from the group of cadets and plants a trap in the doorway of Windu’s quarters. Sort of a laser tripwire Claymore I guess. Windu is about to walk in, but a trooper stops him and says Anakin requests him on the bridge. Windu huffs and asks the trooper to put something in his room. He triggers the mine and dies. Windu looks upset. Not so much at the death, not so much at his inability to Force See Into the Future, but more like his iPhone with downloads of Barney Miller Season 1 was lost in the explosion.

Fett again slips away from the group of cadets. He contacts someone called Watcher that the attack was a miss. She tells him to blow the reactor core. Boba encounters a clone trooper, beats him up, then shoots…some stuff. I dunno. I guess the ‘stuff’ is supposed to be the reactor core. It blows up and takes out a section of the ship where Windu, Anakin, Admiral Sean Connery and some troops are walking. Windu and Anakin use Force Anti-Vacuum to rescue Admiral Sean Connery and survive.

The ship is going down. The cadets get into escape pods, and Boba presses a button to ensure they miss the rendezvous point. (Lots of rendezvous points in this here Star Wars.) Everyone escapes except Admiral Sean Connery who insists on going down with the ship.

The Slave-1 docks with Boba’s pod. ‘Watcher’ is Aurra Sing. The character of Boba Fett has been rewritten (again, if you’re counting). In Attack of the Clones, he was Jango’s merciless protege. Here, he’s written as rather clueless. About the cadets he asks Aurra, “what are you going to do with them?” “What d’you think?” “Let them go?” Oh Boba Fett. I almost want to throw out your action figures. He gets on Slave-1 but they don’t kill the cadets. They let them float around for the Jedi to find them.

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