The Zillo Beast Strikes Back – Clone Wars season 2.19

Blue imperative.

“The most dangerous beast is the beast within.” Guest starring Christian Bale?

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back.

Mace Windu reminds the Emperor/Chancellor that bringing the Zillo beast to Coruscant is a mistake. A King Kong-sized mistake, you might say. Later, Chancellor Palpatine suggests that the scientist kill the beast in order to better examine the armor plates. The beast appears to understand. It is not amused. Elsewhere, Kenobi and Padme ask Anakin to persuade Palpatine to ease up.

Commercials. I am once again reminded that Cartoon Network is unable to sell ad space to anyone but itself. Ben 10 commercial. Clone Wars commercial. Commercial of a new show that looks like Ben 10 with slightly different hair.

Padme is nonplussed when Anakin listens to Palpatines “one life is worth ending the war sooner” rhetoric. Meanwhile, the scientist has synthesized a poison to kill the Zillo beast. Except it doesn’t. Enraged, it escapes the lab. It rampages through the city doing a fair bit of destruction and killing.

Still unclear? Why the most dangerous creature in the universe (next to Han Solo) was brought to the Republic capital instead of a remote lab where it can do less damage. But the writers have a CloverKongZilla fetish so nertz to me.

The beast turns toward the Senate building (or whatever it’s called). It seems to be homing in on Palpatine’s evil (therefore it is  a more powerful force user than Yoda; suck it Yoda). Palpatine, Anakin and Padme get in an escape shuttle, but the beast grabs the ship. Anakin has an idea, but Palpatine has “a bad feeling about this.” Yoda and some chick drop onto the beast’s back for no apparent reason while Anakin finishes cleaving the ship in two with his lightsaber. The half with the passengers falls. Windu and Kenobi Force catch it.

Gunships arrive with the scientist’s synthesized poison and the beast falls.

Next morning, Palpatine gives the scientist new orders to clone the beast. Now she’s a bomb-maker, biologist, and cloner. Just like Dr. Mindbender.

Bad job not paying off the beast chasing Palpatine. Double bad job not giving the viewer any good reason to empathize with the creature. There’s no emotional impact when it’s killed.

The number of times the phrase “point of view” is used: 1.

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    1. Omigosh your posts always make me laugh!! “Yoda and some chick”…LOL!! Aside from that, you’ve made a lot of good points, like “why the heck are they taking it to Coruscant instead of a remote lab”? Great review!!


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