Duchess of Mandalore – Clone Wars season 2.14

Blue garbage.

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” Tell that to Poland.

Duchess of Mandalore.

Dooku and the Deathwatch leader, Governor Susan, plan to assassinate Duchess Satine. A spy reports to the Prime Minister of Mandalore. He fears that a Republic occupation will turn the Deathwatch from terrorists to heroes in the eyes of the Mandalorean people.

Coruscant. Satine pleads her case to the Senate and maintains Mandalorean neutrality in the ongoing war. Palpatine plays a tape of the Mandalorean deputy minister asking for Republic intervention. Satine claims it’s a lie. The Senate vote will commence in the next session. Once again, another riveting scene of procedural bureaucracy. Thanks George.

Kenobi tries to talk to Satine, but he has non of Alec Guinness’ charm. He advises her not to do anything foolhardy. I have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s as if the writers forgot everything that’s happened between these two during the last couple of episodes. “In my opinion,” says Satine, “you’re the one who’s foolhardy.” Ooooooh, so close to the “from my point of view” trope.

A Deathwatch assassin, Jody Fett, presses a button disabling Satine’s air car (air cars, I’m so jealous). Satine jumps to safety but the car hits a building. Kenobi catches up to Satine again. Oh, okay, so Kenobi wants the Republic to be involved? Meanwhile, the Senate rushed a vote while Satine was busy almost dying. That’s, like, a gold medal in the bureaucracy Olympics to rush an intergalactic vote so quickly.

Satene meets with someone who gives Satine a disc of the real recording of the deputy minister (god, what’s next, an investigation into the Senate Ways and Means Committee?). Jody Fett snipes the informant. The Republic police IDs Satine as the killer. It’s a frame up. Satine runs.

She contacts Kenobi for his help. They meet exactly where the Deathwatch assassin is looking. They’re both wearing hooded cloaks. Even if it is socially acceptable in this age, it looks ridiculous. She gives Kenobi the disc. She plans to turn herself in which will provide a distraction so that Kenobi can get into the Senate. And I need a bicycle to cook my left shoe.

The assassin throws a smoke grenade and jumps down to take care of Satine. Kenobi takes him on, but Jody jetpacks away.

Satine surrenders and Kenobi gives the disc to Padme. It’s the full recording and the deputy minister rejects help from the Republic. The Republic forces stand down.

Concordia. Dooku tells Susan Fett to chill. He’ll find another way to do whatever unnecessarily convoluted thing he’s trying to do.

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